Hillary’s 2016 logo looks a little too familiar…

Presidential campaign season is upon us so it’s time to once again kick myself in the gonads for not blogging. Anywho …

As a long-time campaign button collector, the first thing that came to mind after watching Hillary Clinton’s announcement video was, naturally, a feeling that her logo wasn’t quite that original.

So I walked over to my 300 strong button collection and pulled this pin from Sen. Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign, which Hillary volunteered for back in the day:

Clinton logo

Not an exact match, mind you, but the spirit of ’64 is still there. It’s also worth noting that in an interview with the Washington Post four years before his death Goldwater said of Bill Clinton, “If he’d let his wife run business, I think he’d be better off. … I just like the way she acts.”

It wasn’t a completely glowing endorsement since Barry went on to bash the Clinton health care proposal.

Now I’m not implying that Hillary micro-managed her campaign roll out to the point of wanting to reference her days as a “Goldwater Girl.” I will say that if you look at enough buttons every once in a while a particular design comes full circle.

For a more detailed brief on Hillary Clinton’s volunteer work for Goldwater and subsequent left turn check out this FactCheck.org page here.