Settling my Election Day bets

First things first, time to settle those Election Day bets I made.  I’ll assume each prediction was worth five dollars.

On the plus side, I said no new independents would join the U.S. Senate (i.e. Greg Orman and Larry Pressler) and that here in Austin light rail would fail (though it failed more spectacularly than I expected).

Meanwhile, Leticia Van de Putte did not get more votes than Wendy Davis and Scott Brown did not have an upset victory.

I was right that Republicans would, “pick up seven Senate seats tonight.”  However that’s me spinning the details (political science grads do that) as Alaska and Virginia are still not called and Louisiana is headed to a run-off.

The jury is still out on whether Angus King (I-ME) will eventually switch parties.  So remarkably, the GOP could end up with 55 Senate seats (maybe 56 if they get really really really lucky in Virginia), the most they’ve had since the 2004 election.

Last night I remembered one bet I didn’t blog about, that Austin would have a mayoral run-off between Steve Adler and Mike Martinez.  Missed opportunity!

So I’ll end Election 2014 up 3-2 and win five bucks.  I shall remember to pay it to myself.*

Coming up next, why this campaign was more of a return to normalcy than a blowout for Republicans.


*I hope you recognize that as a “Casablanca” reference.


UPDATE: At a press conference today, Angus King announced he’ll continue to caucus with the Democrats.


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